Thursday, November 29, 2012 Add to Object Pool

This release let's you add object instances to the Object Pool that can be selected later as an argument to other member functions. A very powerful feature that extends the reach of SmokeTest to encompass all member function argument types.

In many scenarios the output from one function is needed as input to another. For simple arguments like strings and numbers you can get away with copy and paste. For complex objects this doesn't work. Now you can save the output from any function to the Object Pool by clicking the "+" button next to the last result.

This button appears next to the result of any member function call (constructors, methods, properties or fields). Clicking the button adds the instance to the Object Pool which is then available as an argument in any subsequent function call that requires an argument of that type (in this case an ArrayList).

Objects added to the Object Pool are available to select as arguments whenever you click on a reference type argument button. This brings up a dialog that let's you create a new object of that type or select one from the Object Pool.

This gives you the full flexibility you need to capture object instances from interfaces or factory methods and use them as arguments to other functions.